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Intergenerational ministry nurtures Christ-centered community by bringing together two or more generations in planned and purposeful settings, where all are mutually invested. 

How does your church get started?

GenOn partners with you to assess and explore ways to bring generations together with an emphasis on intergenerational experiences leading to Christ-centered community.  The deep relationships formed through these experiences play an invaluable role in the development of lifelong disciples and in the renewal of energy and vitality in the whole congregation. 

We recommend a simple and foundational six-step process for becoming intentionally intergenerational.


Enjoy the exploration! Contact GenOn Ministries and ask questions. Gather a team of church leaders to be involved. Use GenOn's Visioning Tool for Intergenerational Ministry (At bottom, see Staff Chat for guidance on how to use this tool.) Review recommended books, articles, and websites.





Identify areas for growth. Consider GenOn’s options for more intentional ministry: LIFT (Living in Faith Together), LOGOS, All God’s Children. Explore next steps found in LIFT: Why & How or Launching LOGOS. Choose a GenOn introductory training event to host or attend.




Communicate the “why.” Explain where your church is and where you’d like to go. Describe the benefits for all generations.





Hold intergenerational event trial runs. Evaluate what went well and what might change. Share stories
and pictures broadly. Network with other intergenerational churches. Try out intergenerational resources and these other ideas for intergenerational ministry.




Become more regular and intentional in being intergenerational.
Grow stronger Christ-centered relationships. Invest in regular training.






Plan for next year. Invite more leaders onto the team. Continue to DISCOVER, EVALUATE, and SHARE. Keep innovating. Consider GenOn coaching to go deeper.


Coaching and Visioning

Not sure what you need? We can help! Contact us at 877.937.2572 or to help you evaluate your current ministry, make recommendations, and walk with you through a plan designed for your church.


Our Intergenerational Pathways explores the concept of intergenerational ministry to discover why gathering multiple generations together to learn, worship, serve and build relationships is important for faith development and church growth. Includes time for planning practical ways to become a more intentionally intergenerational faith community.

LIFT Experience explores new ways to be more intentionally intergenerational as a church community both in theory and in practice. This workshop includes an opportunity to experience GenOn's LIFT (Living In Faith Together).

LOGOS Boost or Encounter (for churches interested in learning more about LOGOS)
Worship Arts Made Doable (involving all generations in worship leadership)


Options for Intentional Intergenerational Ministry

intergenerational Sunday school

LIFT  (Living in Faith Together) invites all ages to share food, learn, worship, and have fun in small groups around tables. Using 1-2 key leaders to prepare and guide sessions — not teachers for multiple classes — it replaces or supplements traditional Sunday school and provides stand-alone 45-60 minute sessions.



All God's Children: The Church Family Gathers is a series (Lent, Summer, VBS, and Advent/Christmas) for 2 hour gatherings for generations to eat, play, study, and worship together.



midweek ministry

Generations learn and grow in faith together weekly in a program modeled after the early church in Acts 2:42 with time for Bible Study, Recreation/Mission, Worship Arts, and Family Time meal. LOGOS helps develop deep roots within the congregation when parents, grandparents, and other significant adults dedicate time to the ministry. Clergy and other volunteers of all ages from the church also serve, making this an intergenerational, congregational ministry. 



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