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midweek intergenerational ministryLOGOS is a weekly intergenerational experience

Generations learn and grow in faith modeled after the early church in Acts 2:42, with time for Bible Study, Recreation/Mission, Worship Arts, and Family Time meal. 

LOGOS builds intergenerational community

LOGOS helps develop deep roots within the congregation when parents, grandparents, and other significant adults dedicate time to the ministry. When parents volunteer in LOGOS, it helps them as the primary spiritual guide for their children.  Clergy and other volunteers of all ages from the church also serve, making this a congregational ministry. 

midweek ministry

 LOGOS churches …

  • Create an intergenerational arena affirming the value of each person as a child of God
  • Bring generations together for transformation into Christ-centered communities
  • Offer communities that live out abundant life-giving relationships with Christ for people of all ages
midweek ministry

What are church staff and volunteers saying?

“Our LOGOS ministry continues to connect people of all ages and provide them with the opportunity to grow their faith and in relationship with one another.”
Sun Prairie United Methodist, Sun Prairie, WI

“LOGOS has allowed us a way to connect with families in our neighborhood.”
North Long Beach Christian Church, Long  Beach, CA


“Without LOGOS, I don’t think Concordia would be here anymore. Based on where we were at that time and where we were heading, I don’t think we could have on our own sustained reaching out to the neighborhood.”
Jim Ryan, LOGOS Director, Concordia Lutheran Church, Worcester, MA

“The great thing about LOGOS is that you get to experience the people that you are studying with in a variety of situations, making it easier to relate to them and enhancing your understanding of what they say in a Bible study. People talk about very different things over dinner or in recreation than they do in a formal once a week Bible study or Sunday School class. If you learn what else is important to them in other situations you are able to gain a better appreciation, understanding, and in my experience a greater respect, for what they bring to the table in a Bible study.”
Steve Pankratz, past LOGOS participant, First United Methodist Church, Midland, MI 

More on the principles and the why behind LOGOS

Questions? Call us at 877-937-2572 or email us at info@GenOnMinistries.org.


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