What training for LOGOS is available? Our 1-day LOGOS Encounter and follow-up support are paramount to starting and sustaining a LOGOS ministry. In addition, GenOn Ministries offers a wide variety of workshops to help LOGOS be effective in your church.

How much does LOGOS training cost? Our LOGOS Encounter is $140 per person when registering more than 30 days before an event. The cost within 30 days is $165 per person. We happily schedule LOGOS Encounters at any church that requests it. Read our How to Bring a LOGOS Encounter to Your Church for details on hosting your own training. Workshop costs are here.

My adults are busy. Do you have ideas for encouraging them to attend an Encounter? Sure!

  • To get the details out there, publicize early and often, and in a variety of ways. Ask GenOn Ministries for a promotional flyer.
  • A personal invitation, one person inviting another, face-to-face, will have significantly better results than an "all call" from the pulpit or newsletter. Form a core group of 2-3 people to commit to attending and have them extend personal invitations to others.
  • Consider and speak of the Encounter as a retreat, a time away from the regular busyness of the day to focus on building Christian relationships.
  • As people commit, publicize their names to build excitement and momentum.
  • Be clear that this is not for church leaders only. ALL volunteers and church supporters, indeed, the whole congregation, will benefit from attending.
  • Ask those who previously attended training to share their experiences at the Encounter through stories in the newsletter and/or in worship.
  • Consider providing childcare if the Encounter is at your church or a near-by church.

What happens after LOGOS training? Support continues through regular contact with GenOn Ministries staff, on-line access to support materials, opportunities for specialized workshops, consultations, coaching and regional church gatherings. LOGOS is not a "ministry in a box" where a purchase is the end of the relationship, but an on-going partnership between GenOn Ministries and the local church to support excellent and sustainable ministry.

What happens if we register someone and then need to cancel? Registrations canceled 2 weeks or more before the Encounter will be refunded in full. Registrations canceled less than 2 weeks before the Encounter will be refunded in full minus a $25 administration fee per church.

Can an event be canceled? Yes, but we don't want that to happen. GenOn staff will review registrations 21 days before training. If we do not have a minimum number of registrations, we may cancel the training or make arrangements in order to hold the training. If the event is canceled, the full cost paid per participant will be refunded to each church, with a $10 per person administrative fee assessed for participants form the host church.


Have more questions? Don't hesitate to call us at 877-937-2572 or e-mail us at info@GenOnMinistries.org

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