How do we incorporate our existing children's and youth choirs into LOGOS? Cooperatively working with your church's music and worship leaders and encouraging them to attend an Encounter is essential. Other options for worship arts, such as drama, visual arts, speaker's choirs, chimes and handbells, can be incorporated into LOGOS. Read our  LOGOS Toolkit: How and Why of Bible Study, Recreation, Family Time, Worship Arts for ways to move forward.

How does LOGOS affect Sunday morning offerings? LOGOS can strengthen regular attendance and involvement because of the relationships that are built in LOGOS.

What is needed for start-up? Training an initial group at a LOGOS Encounter, purchasing curriculum for Bible study, equipment for Family Time and recreation, and resources for worship arts, and becoming a GenOn Partner Church are all important pieces of starting LOGOS. In addition, find helpful tools for calculating costs in our Financial Planning for Starting LOGOS and our LOGOS Toolkit: LOGOS Administration.

How do we decide on a schedule? Allowing enough time for relationship-building in each of the four parts, we will help you create a schedule that considers school schedules, other church activities, and volunteer availability. Read our LOGOS Toolkit: LOGOS Administration for additional information.

What facilities will be needed? Most churches can designate space for Bible study, recreation, worship arts, and meals. Most importantly, and, when necessary, using spaces not ordinarily thought of for classrooms and recreation areas. Read our LOGOS Toolkit: LOGOS Administration for additional information.

What curriculum and resources do we need for LOGOS? A solid Bible study curriculum, like Faith for Life, is recommended for Bible study. Faith for Life, for grades K - 8, is a downloadable, closely graded curriculum with permanent teacher materials and student worksheets. High school Bible study requires curriculum, too, and GenOn offers short-term courses on a variety of topics. For worship arts, find lots of ideas and resources here. For recreation, find lots of ideas and resources here. Many wonderful resources for all 4 parts can be found in the GenOn store.

How do we find all the people to staff the ministry? Your best source for the answer to this question is the LOGOS Encounter. Parents are intentionally involved in LOGOS leadership, which assists them in their role as primary spiritual guide for their children. Clergy and other adults from the church will be called into leadership roles using their gifts, making LOGOS a congregational ministry. Staffing is done through a purposeful method that invites all adults to serve where they are gifted. Read LOGOS Toolkit: Defining LOGOS and LOGOS Administration for details on GenOn's biblical process of call.

For other questions, don't hesitate to call us at (412) 265-6541 or e-mail us at info@GenOnMinistries.org

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