For excellent resources for sustaining LOGOS, visit LOGOS Tools and Support.

Is there a tool to help us figure out how we're doing with LOGOS? Yes! Our LOGOS Evaluation Tool will help you take a look at your LOGOS ministry and create a plan to celebrate joyrs and address concerns.

What are some best practices for sustaining LOGOS? Churches with healthy, sustained LOGOS ministries exhibit these tendencies:

  • They have a deep understanding of and commitment to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and are committed to sharing that understanding with children and youth.
  • They regularly consult resources in the LOGOS Toolkit for direction and guidance.
  • They train groups of people at LOGOS Encounters either annually or bi-annually.
  • They have strong Leadership Teams to oversee logistics, communications and decisions regarding LOGOS. The roles on these teams are specifically defined with membership of team members rotating on a regular basis. Details for creating and sustaining a leadership team can be found in LOGOS Toolkit: LOGOS Administration.
  • They are a GenOn Partner Church, supporting the work of GenOn Ministries.

Are there red flags that could sidetrack our LOGOS ministry? In our extensive experience with churches that stop doing LOGOS, we know the areas listed below will create challenges for the overall ministry. We have solutions and are ready to help your ministry back on track. Call us at 877-937-2572 or e-mail us at info@GenOnMinistries.org. And consult LOGOS Toolkit: Defining LOGOS and LOGOS Administration.

  • Not requiring parental involvement 
  • Lack of on-going training, both within the church and through GenOn Ministries
  • Limited pastoral support
  • Poor communication with parents and leaders


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