For excellent resources for sustaining LOGOS, visit LOGOS Tools and Support.

Is there a tool to help us figure out how we're doing with LOGOS? Yes! Our LOGOS Evaluation Tool will help you take a look at your LOGOS ministry and create a plan to celebrate joys and address concerns.

What are some best practices for sustaining LOGOS? Churches with healthy, sustained LOGOS ministries exhibit these tendencies:

  • They have a deep understanding of and commitment to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and are committed to sharing that understanding with children and youth.
  • They regularly consult resources in the LOGOS Toolkit for direction and guidance.
  • They train groups of people at LOGOS Encounters either annually or bi-annually.
  • They have strong Leadership Teams to oversee logistics, communications and decisions regarding LOGOS. The roles on these teams are specifically defined with membership of team members rotating on a regular basis. Details for creating and sustaining a leadership team can be found in LOGOS Toolkit: LOGOS Administration.
  • They are a GenOn Partner Church, supporting the work of GenOn Ministries.


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