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GenOn Ministries is committed to offering support, encouragement, expertise and resources to help churches have excellent LOGOS ministries. We have resources for

  • ways to build or strengthen a strong foundation
  • tools to prepare and launch
  • best practices for sustaining LOGOS for years to come

And, if you can't find what you need, we're right here to help! We love questions, so don't hesitate to contact us right away!

Frequently Asked Questions  


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GenOn Ministries has funding available for LOGOS training and support. Details here. DeHaven LOGOS Fund


    Pray for God's strength and guidance, for your congregation and community, and celebrate God's faithfulness.

    These resources will be helpful for NEW/RESTARTING LOGOS churches seeking to build a foundation for LOGOS and CURRENT LOGOS churches committed to sustaining their strong LOGOS foundation.

    Defining LOGOS: Understanding the Why of LOGOS Ministry Indispensable comprehensive guide for understanding the deeply theological foundations of LOGOS ministry. Part of the LOGOS Toolkit.

    GenOn Ministries' 12 Realities and Convictions  12 significant factors that consistently influence the context of LOGOS and all other ministries with children and youth. Perfect for remembering and emphasizing the WHY of LOGOS.

    3 Key Practices  These important elements define how to create a contagious LOGOS area.

    Footprints FREE Step-by-step, color-coded guide for starting or sustaining LOGOS ministry. A must for excellent LOGOS ministry.

    Visioning Tool for Ministry with Children and Youth An excellent tool to evaluate the effectiveness of LOGOS and other ministries for children and/or youth

    LOGOS Training Our 1-day LOGOS Encounter is the primary and foundational training for LOGOS ministry. Over and over again, churches tell us their ministry is stronger when they attend/host LOGOS Encounters at least every other year.


    Pray seeking God's continued guidance. Seek to discern who God is calling to be involved in LOGOS, and how God is involved in the lives of children, youth and adults. Celebrate God's faithfulness.

    These resources will help NEW LOGOS churches have a strong start, and CURRENT LOGOS churches to evaluate their current practices, schedules, leaders and activities.

    Family Time  Worship Arts  Recreation  Bible Study

    LOGOS Administration Essential tool for the "how to" of LOGOS ministry. Includes details about the Leadership Team, how to call and equip LOGOS staff, explanation of parenal involvement, and many more helpful details for an effective LOGOS ministry. Part of the LOGOS Toolkit.

    LOGOS Quick References FREE Handy and helpful 1-page tips by topic for teachers, leaders, Table Parents, assistants, everyone in LOGOS leadership

    LOGOS Training Whether it's our 1-day LOGOS Encounter or our specialized workshops (you choose the best topics for your church), our training is the very best way to equip your leaders and sustain a healthy and strong LOGOS ministry.

    Facebook LOGOS Ideas Group and Facebook GenOn Ministries  Network with LOGOS churches all over the country.

    Pinterest  Endless ideas for all four part of LOGOS.

    Start-up Costs Use this handy list for setting initial costs and evaluating costs after start-up. 

    Leader Training Modules These FREE church-led workshops cover a variety of topics from how to do each of the four parts to discipline to the process of call and even more. These are perfect for fall teacher training.


    Pray for staff, children, youth and parents involved in LOGOS and for those who should be. Continue to celebrate God's faithfulness.

    These tools will help ALL churches to sustain LOGOS for the long-term, bringing more and more children, youth and adults into an abundant life-giving relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

    Coaching and consulting Do you want to take stock of what's great and what needs attention? Do you want to create an overall plan for Christian education for children and youth? Do you want to look at the effectiveness of LOGOS or something else? Our coaching and consulting is the perfect way to find answers to all your questions. Contact us at 877.937.2572 or info@GenOnMinistries.org and we'll put the perfect plan together for your particular church. Costs are reasonable and flexible.

    LOGOS Evaluation Tool is perfect for taking an objective look at your LOGOS ministry and making plans to celebrate strengths and address needs. We recommend completing this tool midyear and at the end of the LOGOS year.

    LOGOS EncounterTraining and specialized workshops will keep your leaders focused and energized.

    LOGOS Toolkit Refresh your understanding of LOGOS and provide excellent support by using every resource of this indispensable Toolkit.

    GenOn Ministries' 12 Realities and Convictions  12 significant factors that consistently influence the context of LOGOS and all other ministries with children and youth. Perfect for remembering and emphasizing the WHY of LOGOS.

    Footprints Continue to use this FREE step-by-step, color-coded guide to sustain your LOGOS ministry. 

    Visioning Tool for Ministry with Children and Youth The perfect tool for an annual evaluation of LOGOS

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