The Impact of Growing Up in LOGOS

GenOn Ministries truly changed the course and direction of my whole life. As a middle schooler and high schooler in the LOGOS programs, I had the opportunity to eat around a table with adults who valued my opinions and cared about me for who I was, a brainy flute player who loved Jesus! The adults in my program listened to me, encouraged me, and showed me the way. I am a champion for intergenerational ministry because I was formed by it, shaped by it, and blessed by it. Thanks be to God for this amazing ministry!
Traci Smith, Author of the 
Faithful Families Series 

The power of intergenerational connection through LOGOS has been central to my approach to ministry.  While the trend among many churches is to have separate events (and even worship) for children and youth, my own experience of these multi-generational connections later revealed to me just how formational that was to my own journey of faith.
Mark Bender, Senior Minister, Disciples of Christ

Any type of intergenerational activity is a gift and having table parents that were always there for us every week seemed special. It's so important for youth to have trusted adults in their lives and this helped provide some for me.
Megan Bannerman, preschool teacher

I knew my Bible because of LOGOS! That served me throughout church, college, and seminary. I also deeply believed that I had a church who knew me, loved me, cared for me, and rooted for me... and I believed that because we spent hours together on Wednesday nights.
Colton Lott, Senior Minister, Disciples of Christ

My earliest and favorite memory of LOGOS was learning to sing 'Father, I Adore You,' with accompanying sign language. We closed each night with that simple praise song of commitment. Even as a young child, I remember feeling vividly near the presence of God, partly, I think, because I could use my body as well as my voice to express my praise.
Carol Holbrook Prickett, Pastor, Presbyterian Church

I remember being asked to offer a prayer at the LOGOS closing banquet in front of close to two hundred people when I was in third grade. I asked my teacher to help me write the prayer, and she said, 'Oh, dear, the ministers don't write their prayers. Just say what's in your heart.' I was terrified, but I did it! And I still don't write out my prayers.
David Douthett, Pastor, Presbyterian Church  

The relationships created through our intergenerational community created a passion in me to serve others in a meaningful way. The adults there when I was a child/teen encouraged me to pursue my strengths as I grew.
Emily McLaughlin-Jenness, Wow Ministry Director, Disciples of Christ

I grew up in LOGOS and always loved it! I then grew up to be a volunteer and eventually leading the LOGOS ministry in our church. I loved the interactions with everyone and being able to give kids and youth an opportunity to meet Jesus, who may not have known about Jesus before.
Molly Tenuto, Former Director of Christian Nurture, Presbyterian Church 

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Eating dinner together and playing games afterward with adults and our pastor each week were some of my favorite LOGOS memories, creating space to really know those members of our church in a casual way that wasn’t always possible on Sunday mornings.
Jaime Cowen, Communications Director, Presbyterian Church

The significance of intergenerational community is that it helped me understand the systems orientation of how adults view and operate within the church. It is through relationship building and connection where I learned to navigate high conflict situations that churches often deal with.
Brian Tanaka, church organist

LOGOS dinners were the highlight of my week. I remember sitting with so many adults that I knew a little bit from church, but never had the chance to interact with in significant ways. Singing songs and playing games and learning about God in a teaching setting was always grand too, but nothing was as fantastic as dinner. Adults showered me with compliments, shared about their lives, and taught me what it looked like to live the faith in their 40s and 50s and 90s. It's a gift I'll always cherish.
Eric Peltz, Pastor, Presbyterian Church

A big part of my LOGOS experience was participating in weekly choir practice (Worship Arts) and occasionally singing during worship on Sundays. I don't think I realized at the time what a gift it was to have this program available and to be part of a choir group. LOGOS helped develop my love for music and shaped my vision of what being part of the congregation can be like.
Brian Diebold, Pastor, Presbyterian Church


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