LIFT Year 3 Summer Songs of Faith

4 sessions. The great songs of our faith are recorded in the book of Psalms. We learn words and expressions of praise, intimate connections between God and creation, the contrast between our frailty and God’s glory. It is among the psalms that we begin to understand the character of God and learn words to give life and depth to our praise: majestic, praise-worthy, never sleeping, awesome God! Many of the psalms celebrate God’s goodness to all and through everything. Enjoy spending some time with the words and phrases you may seldom use that stand out to you. God has good news for you. Includes outdoor activities in each session!

  1. Give Praise (Psalm 150)
  2. Look to God (Psalm 121)
  3. God is Always Present (Psalm 139)
  4. How Majestic is God’s Name (Psalm 8)

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