Sunday LIFT Year 2 Summer God's Way

God’s Way focuses on four incidents in the life of Jesus. Both passages contain stories within stories. Jesus exposes differences between God’s Way of extraordinary compassion and Jesus’ ease at testing the Jewish laws that were hinderances to human compassion. In Luke 10, the legal expert confronts Jesus with the details of Jewish law that conflict with social and religious norms. Through the story of the Samaritan’s response to a wounded man, Jesus points to a better condition, God’s Way, of being free from physical, moral, or ritual contamination to do the right thing without regard to public ridicule.

In Luke 8 Jairus is an important religious man who had an emergency request of Jesus. As he made his way toward Jesus to beg for help for his dying daughter Jesus’ attention is taken by a sick woman. She is alone, ostracized, destitute and on the fringe of society for 12 years due to her illness and she is healed. Jesus then turns back to Jairus and heals his daughter as well. It is through these four stories that we glimpse the love of God, through Jesus, and find God’s Way.

  • Session 1: Questions, Questions, Questions Luke 10:25-37
  • Session 2: Being a Neighborly Neighbor Luke 10:25-37
  • Session 3: Who Touched Me? Luke 8:42-44, 49-56
  • Session 4: Whom Do You Touch? Luke 8:42-44, 49-56

Introduction includes all the details for making Sunday LIFT a success. Resource is fully downloadable.

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