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Faith for Life Bible Study Curriculum

Faith for Life is committed to deep faith formation, courses for grades K-8, works for individual grades or combined classes, beautiful art work, easy to follow lesson plans, 25 sessions per course, all downloadable, sample sessions available

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19 Factors of Intergenerational Ministry

In out vast experience with churches of all size and setting, we have identified and defined 19 factors to represent the tangible characteristics that underlie a church’s ability to consistently build disciples through intergenerational ministry. Read more →

Two Questions: Cory Seibel

What keeps you up at night?

I wear a number of hats. Each gives me lots to think about. As a pastor, I am devoted to fostering connections between the generations within my church and to helping people of all ages grow in faith. This work gives me lots to celebrate. But it isn’t without its challenges. While these challenges sometimes occupy my thoughts at night, this provides opportunities to reflect on what I’m experiencing, to pray, and to imagine creative possibilities for nurturing intergenerational community.

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One Great Idea: Year-End Celebration

It is the time of year when many of us start to wrap up our LOGOS program year (known as Wednesday Night Live or WNL here at First Presbyterian Church in Hastings, Nebraska), so I thought I’d share what that looks like for us.

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