Designing Intergenerational Ministry Areas

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Intergenerational Ministry Training 

You have, likely, started GenOn’s 6-step Becoming Intentionally Intergenerational path. You have:

  • gathered your team of people interested in moving intergenerational ministry forward in your church;
  • DISCOVERED what it means to be an intergenerational church,
  • attended GenOn’s Intergenerational Pathways Workshop,
  • EVALUATED your current ministry using GenOn Snapshot and
  • chosen one ministry area (or more).

Now you are ready to consider resources and training for your chosen ministry area(s). 

All GenOn offerings nurture intergenerational Christ-centered relationships, growing disciples and energizing the whole church.

Resources for individual ministry areas

Ministry area About this ministry area Resources 


intergenerational worship
Seeks to engage more generations to lead worship using a variety of worship arts. Worship Arts Resources


intergenerational study
Encourages intergenerational Bible study using wondering questions and relational activities.

God’s World in Community

All God’s Children

LIFT (Living in Faith Together)


intergenerational missions work
Brings the generations together to serve others in the greater community outside the church.


intergenerational fellowship
Creates time to share stories and experiences across the generations, informally, often over a shared meal. Recreation Resources


Resources and Training for multiple ministry areas

Offering Description Frequency & session length Leaders Training & Resources

God's World in Community

Advent church gathering lesson

narrative lectionary lesson Sunday school

Short, easy-to-plan intergenerational  gatherings. Includes Scripture reading, interactive response and prayer. Options for in-person or at home, indoors or outdoors

As desired

15-30 minutes

1 or 2 leaders




LIFT (Living in Faith Together

intergenerational ministry lesson church Sunday school

Gatherings around tables in intergenerational groups for a family-style meal or snack, Bible study, activity, and prayer. Each session stands on its own, making attendance flexible.

Weekly, monthly, or as often as a church chooses

45-60 minutes

1 or 2 facilitators who guide groups from one activity to the next




All God’s Children: The Church Family Gathers

Advent Sunday school church gathering intergenerational

Advent intergenerational

Themed gatherings take place in a variety of spaces in the church. Includes family-style meal, simple Bible study and related activities, and prayer. There are a mix of large group (all tables) and small group (each table) activities that are designed to feel relaxed and unhurried.


1.5-2 hours

Adults with a variety of gifts and talents





midweek intergenerational ministry

Building intergenerational relationships between young people and caring, Christian adults through Bible Study, Family Time (family-style meal), Recreation, and Worship Arts (prepared during LOGOS in order to lead in congregational worship). LOGOS uses a variety of spaces in the church. 12-25 times per year, 2-2.5 hours High ratio of adults to young people, which provides for a plethora of opportunities to grow Christ-centered relationships





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