Supporting GenOn Why Donate to GenOn?




As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, GenOn relies on donations from individuals and our partner churches.  

Our donors are people like you -- those who have been impacted by our ministry. 

There’s Bob Parkinson, longtime LOGOS volunteer who believes that LOGOS teaches youth to live in community, in love, and to respect all children of God.

There’s Knox Presbyterian Church (Guelph, Ontario) who supports GenOn because they believe in intergenerational ministry and see GenOn as leaders and developers in this area. GenOn helps them stay connected to new ideas and energy.

There’s Cathy Bush who shares, “In my 25+ years of LOGOS, I have witnessed how God uses this ministry to bear much fruit.  LOGOS is an effective (and fun!) tool for reaching students with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It builds community within our church and gives us a vehicle for reaching families outside our church.  I give because I sincerely hope other churches will venture out to build and experience this valuable ministry.” 

There’s Rev. Jody Welker who says, "I am grateful to GenOn for transforming my own ministry, nurturing my family and the congregation I served. It touches both the head and the heart. GenOn builds community among children of God of all ages unlike any other I’ve known. The relationships formed last to this day as a gift of God’s grace. That’s why I happily contribute to the ministry with the prayer that others may experience this gift."

Your support of GenOn Ministries is greatly appreciated.

It transforms churches and lives.


Mail donations to:

GenOn Ministries
PO Box 4
Springdale, PA 15144

All donations are tax deductible because of our 501(c)3 status.

What’s your story? Why do you give to GenOn Ministries?

Thank you for your support so that, together, we can fulfill our vision of a world filled with thriving Christian communities.





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