Supporting GenOn Why Donate to GenOn?




About 40% of GenOn's funding comes from donations from individuals and our Partner churches.

Our individual donors are people like you - those who have been impacted by our ministry sometime over these last 50+ years. And most of that impact has been through LOGOS in their church.


There is SHERYL LEHDE, whose daughter grew up in LOGOS and whose grandchildren are now growing up in LOGOS, and who supports the ministry because she believes it helps keep children in the church.

There is REV. STEVEN WICKS, pastor in a LOGOS church who believes that LOGOS is, by far, the best intergenerational opportunity for a church to nurture faith in children and youth and affirm that everyone is a child of God - both students and adults.

There are ROBERT AND LINDA PARKINSON, volunteers in a LOGOS church who share that LOGOS teaches youth to live in community, in love, and to respect all children of God.

There is FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCHDes Moines, Iowa who says that partnering with GenOn Ministries reminds them of the larger community of which they are a part, which helps them nurture and sustain the grace of God flowing through all they do. 

Most people and churches give to GenOn Ministries in gratitude of their personal experience. Will you?



Mail donations to:
GenOn Ministries
PO Box 4
Springdale, PA 15144

All donations are tax deductible because of our 501(c)3 status.

SO, what's your story? Why do you give to GenOn Ministries? How will you continue to give so that we can thrive and grow for another 50+ years?




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