LIFT (Living in Faith Together)

Bring generations together around tables for sharing food, fellowship and learning

“Sometimes we treat our church curricula like rocket science instead of relationship science. LIFT provides accessible tools to build quality relationships that LIFT all ages in ways that bring us closer to God and to one another.”
--Rev. Dr. Olivia Bryan Updegrove, Author of “What is God” children's book series and Minister for Families and Children for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

intergenerational church faith formation

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What is LIFT?

    • Brings generations together to share food, learn, worship, and have fun
    • Invites two or more generations to learn together in small groups around tables
    • Uses 1-2 key leaders to prepare and guide sessions, not teachers for multiple classes
    • Replaces or supplements traditional Sunday school (and beyond!)
    • Provides stand-alone sessions, helpful for sporadic attendance
    • Can be used in small or large churches, and with or without children
    • Is affordable and adaptable with 4-session units or full 12-session sets for 60-minute (or 45-minute) gatherings 

Ideas for using LIFT at your church

Sunday School
5th Sunday Worship
Special Gatherings
Offsite Events
Midweek LIFT
Summer LIFT
Advent LIFT
Dinner LIFT
LIFT at Home
LIFT + Worship Arts

LIFT Workshop

LIFT Engage - 90 minutes

For church leaders currently using LIFT, we recommend evaluating how you are doing as an intergenerational congregation. Consider ways to equip and empower your leaders to sustain LIFT, and ways to engage more volunteers.

To hold an online LIFT Engage workshop: The cost for your church is $375. 
Email Training Director Betsy Dishman with questions or to schedule an event. 


Educator reviews

intergenerational Sunday school“If you need an alternative to Sunday school or would like to experiment with providing a program designed to build intergenerational relationships, check it out!”An Intergenerational Addition (or Alternative to) Sunday School
--Karen DeBoer, Christian Reformed Church of North America

"Structured and specific--yet simple, flexible and fun! These are the five words intergenerational Sunday schoolthat came to mind after previewing and digesting a sample 4-session unit of the LIFT intergenerational curriculum. ... In a day when leaders in congregations are wringing their hands over fewer participants in educational offerings, witnessing worn out teachers, offering no Sunday school at all, or bemoaning too little budget for curriculum--LIFT is not only a 'godsend,' but a template for practicing the art of Christian relationships and developing life-long disciples."
--Linda Staats, Founder, HomeGrown Faith

“LIFT by GenOn Ministries is an exciting resource for your church that will bring the generations together in caring, educational, and prayerful ways. Participants of all ages will eat together, play together, learn together, and pray together. Friendships will blossom across the generations leading to faith maturity for your youngest members, your oldest members, and everyone in between. LIFT offers enough structure for professional and volunteer leaders to implement the program confidently, but also offers enough flexibility so there is room for your own creativity and judgment to flourish. Multiple scheduling options make it easy to fit any Sunday morning church routine. LIFT is GenOn’s response to the real need in churches to break down the generational barriers so that the full experience of the body of Christ can be known, lived, and celebrated.”
--Jim Merhaut, Director, Coaching to Connect

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