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1 LOGOS is built and maintained with PRAYER. In all the steps of getting started, pray for God's strength and guidance and for your congregation and community, and celebrate God's faithfulness. 

2 We love new relationships so we can't wait to meet you! CONTACT US at 1-877-937-2572 or info@genonministries.org to get started! 

3 Evaluate your current ministry with children and/or youth using our VISIONING TOOL for Children's and Youth Ministry.

4 Watch and share VIDEOS from LOGOS churches:

Share our LOGOS BROCHURE with others.

5 Look at all our GenOn Ministries PARTNER CHURCHES! Call us to find these and other LOGOS churches in your area.

6 Download DEFINING LOGOS for a thorough understanding of WHY LOGOS is so important to churches. 

7 Gather a group to consider the impact LOGOS can make on your church using our FREE 60-minute EXPLORING LOGOS.  We can lead this exploration for you, if you'd like. Simply, give us a call at 877-937-2572.


Yesterday's (LOGOS) training was overwhelming, in a good way. Since I had been on the road since 5 am and was driving the three hours home, I neglected to give my thanks to Lisa and Jacob - they did a really amazing job at presenting LOGOS as a ministry for every church. We have the program in place, just celebrating 15 years, but I learned lots even with three years under my belt. Glad that I made the trip up there!

Rob Monroe, Director of Youth, Mission and New Members, First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, MO

Gather a group of people (the more the better!) to attend GenOn Ministries’ 1-day LOGOS Encounter. In addition to learning about the solid biblical foundation of LOGOS intergenerational ministry, come to take advantage of those aspects of training that benefit all churches:

  • understanding the ins and outs of Christian relationships
  • learning about our biblical process of calling volunteers into ministry using gifts and talents
  • playing fun, non-competitive games
  • enjoying a family-style meal around tables with new friends
  • networking with neighboring churches
  • worshipping together at the end of the day

Attending training does not obligate your church to start LOGOS. Host your own training or attend at another church.  Click the button below for more details.


Looking for funding for LOGOS? Our DeHaven LOGOS Fund might be the answer! DeHaven Fund

9 Check out our LOGOS TOOLKIT for excellent resources to get started and to understand the biblical foundations of LOGOS!

10 EDUCATE parents and other leaders using your workbook and other resources from LOGOS training.

11 Call and train your LOGOS LEADERSHIP TEAM.

12 Use FOOTPRINTSthe roadmap to effective LOGOS ministry.

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