Why Intergenerational?


“As important as parents are in a young person’s life…some of our (Fuller Youth Institute) most interesting research has been about the power of intergenerational relationships. We looked at 13 different youth group participation variables and the one that most correlated with mature faith was intergenerational worship and relationships…Our research shows how  important it is for young people to have not just parents investing in them but other adults investing in them, mentoring them, being that safety net for them as they’re making choices for their own.” Talking Faith with Kara Powell, Kitchen Table Project


“Love learning and listening to other members' points of view.” age 21

“I like getting together and talking with new and different people.” age 60
“I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with my church family in a less formal, all-inclusive setting.” mid-60s

“I enjoy how activities can engage people of all ages.” late 20s

“I like getting to know people from this church better and how we were able to come together as different generations.” age 16


Most churches are multi-generational. With intentionality, a church can become intergenerational, transforming to a new way of being the church—growing disciples, and impacting the world for Jesus Christ in the way, we believe, God intended. This transformation brings about a sense of belonging for all, to be in relationship as equal parts of the body of Christ—the intergenerational church.

As generations mutually invest in one another, relationships deepen, transforming the church from doing intergenerational programming
to thriving as an intergenerational community. Christ-centered community draws us all closer to God.

Let’s start by defining Christ-centered relationships. What are they? How do they form?

Watch Living by God's Design, our 12-minute video about Christ-centered relationships. 

Why is intergenerational Christ-centered community essential for the church?

Studies have shown that intergenerational community provides:

  • Affirmed value, regardless of age
  • Response to God’s call for faith to be shared in community
  • Decreased isolation for all ages
  • Support of families
  • Welcoming and inclusive environment
  • Practice in caring for one another
  • Understanding and unity as a congregation

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