LOGOS Training

What is LOGOS training all about?

Our LOGOS Encounter is paramount to understanding the WHY of LOGOS ministry, so our goal is to provide this training any place and any time a church requests it. Whether you're a "What's LOGOS?" church or a "Let's start LOGOS!" church or a seasoned "We LOVE LOGOS!" church, our LOGOS Encounters are designed to help your church grow relationships through LOGOS! 

At our 1-day LOGOS Encounter, you will

  • experience the 4 PARTS OF LOGOS (recreation, Bible study, worship arts, and Family Time)
  • learn the WHY behind each part
  • understand why LOGOS places a strong emphasis on GROWING CHRISTIAN RELATIONSHIPS
  • discover how our BIBLICAL PROCESS OF CALLING VOLUNTEERS can staff all ministries in the church, and
  • network with others who have the same JOYS AND CHALLENGES as you.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for costs, event schedule, our best ideas for encouraging people to attend, and the cancelation policy.


We'd love to bring training right to your church! You choose the date and provide the space and hospitality. Training can be for your church alone or other churches in your area. Best times are usually Saturdays from 8:00-5:00 or half the training on Friday evening and the other half on Saturday morning - whatever works for you! Find all the details in our How to Bring LOGOS Training to Your Church, including choosing a date, costs of hosting, and hosting responsibilities.

Do you have possible dates and a location in mind? GREAT!




Need help with funding for LOGOS training? Check out our DeHaven LOGOS Fund! DeHaven LOGOS Fund


Looking for workshop-style training for your LOGOS church? Use our GROWING THE LOGOS CHURCH Workshop!

Designed for churches, large and small, with an existing LOGOS ministry, this workshop will be tailor-made to meet your specific needs for supporting and growing your ministry, including ways to reach out into the community to connect with families. Call us at 877-937-2572 or use our easy Letter of Intent to request this training.


We kicked off our fall LOGOS ministry tonight, and it went so very well. The training we attended in May really helped us believe that we could get organized..and then it helped us actually get organized.

Lea Slaton, Pastor, Wilson's Mills Christian Church, Clayton, NC









        The training works. The people who have been to training ‘get it.’ They are passionate, committed, and willing to tell others about why LOGOS works so well.

        Andrea Erbrecht, Grace United Methodist Church, Coal Center, PA
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