DeHaven LOGOS Fund

What is the DeHaven LOGOS Fund?

The DeHaven LOGOS Fund provides for starting, restarting or sustaining LOGOS ministries in a single church or a cluster of churches where funding is limited, particularly for economically disadvantaged churches or communities. Recipients will experience a long-term relationship with GenOn Ministries, rather than short-term solutions.




LOGOS builds thriving churches and we have over 50 years of evidence to support this claim. The DeHaven LOGOS Grant was introduced as a way to bring LOGOS into financially distressed communities and provide the churches within these communities the skills and tools needed to build thriving churches.

Thomas Kanavy, GenOn Ministries Board of Directors


The Fund is named in memory of Jane DeHaven, a member of First Christian Church in Des Moines, Iowa, who was instrumental in starting and leading the church's LOGOS ministry, and served as a volunteer training leader with GenOn Ministries.

The DeHaven LOGOS Fund is for churches



that are...



  • Excited about starting - or restarting - LOGOS, but concerned about the funding to get started
  • Currently doing LOGOS and need training to re-energize their ministry, but see funding is a roadblock

    Consider applying for a grant from this fund. Grant Application


    GenOn Ministries DeHaven Fund from GenOn Ministries on Vimeo.

    How can you use a grant from the DeHaven LOGOS Fund and related resources from GenOn?

    • Guidance for the church leaders' evaluation of current situation and visioning or possibilities
    • Support for introduction and exploration of LOGOS
    • Foundational training or customized training
    • Coaching to implement training and ongoing coaching and support
    • Networking with other churches
    • Youth Summit registration

    Grant Application


    Why LOGOS? In order to help our church live out the Great Commandment to love God and love all. LOGOS provides a process to do that, to allow the church to put into practice Jesus' teachings. We needed training to be capable to do so and fell in love with GenOn Ministries' emphasis on intergenerational experiences - that children, youth, and adults receive ministry together. We are a new church without funds to pay for training and resources. The DeHaven Fund provided that.

    Pastor Reuben K. Thomas

    Recipient of a DeHaven LOGOS Fund grant

    How can you support the DeHaven LOGOS Fund?

    Are you passionate about LOGOS ministry? Would you like to partner with GenOn Ministries in making sure churches who might not be able to afford resources and training get what they need to become thriving Christian ministries? All designated donations will go directly to the DeHaven Fund.

    Donate to DeHaven LOGOS Fund

    Do you know a church that could benefit from the DeHaven LOGOS Fund? Share this page and encourage them to apply today. Grant Application

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