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Partnering to make a difference

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A Partner Church engages with GenOn through:

1. Commitment to intentional intergenerational ministry

2. A donation to GenOn Ministries

  • Most donate from $150 to $500 annually (ranging from $50 to $1,000)
  • Some donate monthly or per program year semester. Most give once during the year.
  • Some take up a special offering, donate from the church’s mission budget, budget in their Christian Education or LOGOS account, or include it in registration fees.
3. A willingness to share their enthusiasm about GenOn with others
  • Host another church to show and share how LOGOS or LIFT could benefit their congregation
  • Invite another church to join them at a Youth Summit
  • Display GenOn’s information at a local or regional denominational gathering
  • Spread the word by sharing GenOn’s social media posts and recommending our resources and training
  • Forward the newsletter or individual articles to friends and colleagues


Partner Churches receive a 15 percent discount code for all GenOn resources as a thank you. 


GenOn staff prays regularly for our Partner Churches.

"We donate to GenOn because we believe in intergenerational ministry and see GenOn as leaders and developers in this area.

We like to stay connected to new ideas and energy. Thank you for the good work that you do!"
Nancy Stepien, Knox Presbyterian Church, Guelph, Ontario

“Our congregation sees the value in contributing to the organization that has made it possible to have LOGOS as part of our programming. Helping sustain the ministry so others can have the same benefits fits right into our benevolent goals.”
Jim Kistenmacher, St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Holstein, Iowa

TOGETHER, we can…

Extend our reach in growing Christ-centered community.

Share our passion with all churches.

Energize churches through intergenerational ministry.

Nurture people of all generations as they seek to grow in Christ.






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