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We are excited about your interest in exploring areas of ministry and partnership with GenOn beyond your local church! Please complete this form to start the process to explore this possible call. Starred questions require an answer.


Training Leader - preparing for and providing leadership at LOGOS training events

Regional Ambassador – providing ministry support, advice and consultation for local LOGOS churches

Board Member – contributing to the direction setting and leadership of GenOn Ministries

Fundraiser – securing commitment from churches and/or individuals to support GenOn Ministries

Donor – Providing one-time or on-going financial commitment to GenOn Ministries


Clergy (Head of Staff)

Clergy (Associate or Assistant)

Christian Education staff person

Youth Director

Worship Skills/Choir Director

LOGOS Administrator


Yes No
Yes No
Yes No

Administration: Program Director

Administration: Program Treasurer

Staff Resource

Bible Time Coordinator

Bible Teacher

Recreation Coordinator

Recreation Leader

Family Time Coordinator

Kitchen Coordinator

Dinner Dean

Table Parent

Worship Skills Coordinator

Music Leader

Bells/Chimes Leader

Drama Leader

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