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Kelly Burnett - Youth Summit Coordinator KellyBurnett@GenOnMinistries.org 
Ryan Chu - Marketing Intern
Betsy Dishman
- Training Director BetsyDishman@GenOnMinistries.org
Suzie Lane - Program Director, ext. 102 SuzieLane@GenOnMinistries.org
Amanda Nevin - Database Administrator
Liz Perraud - Executive Director, ext. 103 LizPerraud@GenOnMinistries.org 
Tracey Schoch - Communications Coordinator
Nancy Shimpeno - Bookkeeper, ext. 104 NancyShimpeno@GenOnMinistries.org

Call us at 877-937-2572.

Board of Directors

Beth A. Thompson - Board President, Corporate Communications Manager at RSM US LLP, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Presbyterian Church (USA)
Rev. Dean Lindsey – Board Vice President, Pastor, State College Presbyterian Church (USA), State College, Pennsylvania
Tara Dew - Board Secretary, Director of Children and Youth Ministry, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), El Reno, Oklahoma 
Annette Hinkle - Board Treasurer, CPA, Community Volunteer, Columbia, Maryland, Presbyterian Church (USA)
John RobertoVibrant Faith Ministries Leadership Team, Cheshire, Connecticut, Roman Catholic
Jim Ryan - Co-founder and Partner of Green River Associates Inc., Worcester, Massachusetts, Evangelical Lutheran Church  in America

Rev. Merideth Sprigler - Minister for Children and their Families, First Christian Church of Louisville, Kentucky
Ann Wilson - Director, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Presbyterian Church in Canada
Tom Kanavy - Emeritus, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Roman Catholic
Ed Carlson - Emeritus, La Crescenta, California, Presbyterian Church (USA)
Shirley Carlson - Emeritus, La Crescenta, California, Presbyterian Church (USA)
Anne Pankratz - Emeritus, Gulfport, Florida, United Methodist Church
Rev. Anna Taylor-Sweringen - Emeritus, Pastor, Presbyterian Church (USA), Albuquerque, NM


John Aukerman, Margaret Sue Ballay, Leigh Benish, Jim Benton, Carolyn Brown, Susan Butler, Jennifer Colvard, Betsy Dishman, Molly Douthett, Deborah Freeman, Liz Fryer, Rick Hamilton, Mark Hinds, Amanda Hinthorn, Kerry Lynn Isett, Pat Janssen, Jane Kintzi, Thom Lamb, Suzie Lane, Jean Lersch, Boyd Lien, Lisa McPherson, Barbara Minges, Toby Mueller, Sarah Ose, Jill Reichert, Anne Pankratz, Liz Perraud, Tracey Schoch, Merideth Sprigler, Betsy Strain, Keith Strain, Drew Talbot, Deanna Courtwright Vincent, Joyce MacKichan Walker, Carol Wehrheim, Ned Wetherald, Phyllis Wezeman, Barbara S. Wilson, Graphic designer:Phyllis Rose


GenOn Ministries is blessed with over 100 regular volunteers, who are invaluable to our ministry. They unselfishly contribute their time, talent, and energy to lead our training, serve on our board, lead our Youth Summits and serve in many other significant ways.


Training Leaders

Henry Bickhahn, Renda Brinson, Kathy Cramer, Tara Dew, Betsy Dishman, David Douthett, Greg Halterman, Jason Harshberger, Amanda Hinthorn, Kelly Kaufman, Jill Kimbirl, Thom Lamb, Suzie Lane, Dean Lindsey, Jessica McClure Archer, Toby Mueller, Anne Pankratz, Liz Perraud, Cathy Pettibone, Jill Reichert, Laura Rockwell, Lisa Sampson, Jacob Sefton, Lisa Skinner, Tori Smit, Kandy Stone, Suzanne Stout, Keith Strain

Youth Summit Leaders

Maegan Blake, Ed Blomberg, Steve Bottorff, Mickey Buck, Kelly Burnett, Cheryl Cain, Osiris Cespedes, Kimberly Cleveland, Leanne Craig, Delvin Daniels, Paul Doughty, Brenda Dummer, Madison Edds, Beth Foster, Edgardo Franceschi, Matthew Froeschle, Martha Ganmue, Adell Gaurin, Katherine Germain, Bill Gretsch, Brian Hastings, Bill Jones, Jody Karmazin, Carol Knapp, Thom Lamb, Linda Lange, Phil Lindberg, Bethany Leeds, Steve Longmeyer, Teta Monroe, Toby Montgomery, Carole Motley, Ron Motley, Deb Mulhern, Rick Mulhern, Jon Nelson, Liz Perraud, Anne-Marie Rosenthal, Jim Ryan, Kim Splechter, Ryan Stavely, Anne Sulhoff, Hyiwot Teshome, Laurie Tingley, Denise Utter, Michelle Wiggins, Robin Wiggins, Sandy Wondolowski


GenOn Ministries' donors and Partner Churches make our ministry possible by generously sharing their financial resources. Through these partnerships, we are able to extend our reach in growing Christian relationships.  


Call us at 877-937-2572.



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