Preschool LOGOS

Preschool LOGOS was created for 3 and 4 year old children in LOGOS as well as  for VBS, Christian preschools, and daycare. During this time together, the objectives for children are to:

  • Feel the love of God through the love of the adults caring for them
  • Hear Bible stories and relate them to their own experiences
  • Express their thoughts and feelings about God and Jesus with questions and wondering
  • Learn that they and others were created by God and are loved by God
  • Begin developing social skills of living and worshiping in community

This resource is designed with enough content for 2 program years. The Bible stories and the approach will be the same, but there is enough content to divide the application to continue using the resource for several years as preschoolers age our and younger ones join. Sample of 1 full session available here.


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