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All God's Children: The Church Family Gathers for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany was created to gather generations together at the church to celebrate the season over a series of weeks. With minor modifications, the celebrations work well for households to do at home - either gathering their own supplies or having a church leader create pickup kits for them. Each celebration stands alone. Consider planning some church-wide video calls with those who have done this at home, or have households record videos or take pictures to share their experiences and deepen your community.

The introduction and the Eating and Playing Together sessions of "Saint Andrew" are available as a sample of the series.

Read more about each session here.

Sunday LIFT Winter (Year 1 Advent and Year 2 Here Comes Jesus) fit nicely into Sunday morning schedules or other 45-60-minute time frames. Households can use LIFT at Home (see Using Sunday LIFT at Home) and connect with other households through video conferencing.

    Worship Arts Drama 1 includes "The Christmas Story" drama for all ages to lead together. Complete details included for leading dramas in person. You can also record or photograph a small troupe outside at your church. To create a virtual drama, make a slide-show or video with drawn pictures or enacted frozen tableaux scenes. Use voice-over narration or captions and project in the sanctuary or show through YouTube or other virtual means.


    Sunday LIFT Year 1 Winter Advent

    Sunday LIFT Year 1 Winter Advent

    The Advent unit is a four-week journey through the scriptures of Matthew, helping participants ...


    intergenerational Sunday school

    Sunday LIFT Year 2 Winter Here Comes Jesus!

    Here Comes Jesus! introduces the main characters of the Christmas story in the context of Adven...


    Advent and Christmas intergenerational ministry

    All God's Children: The Church Family Gathers for Christmas

    Choose the full collection or a single session. Designed to gather generations to...

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    Worship Arts Drama 1

    Worship Arts Drama 1

    7 intergenerational dramas for use in worship. Plays can be led by children, youth, adults, or any combi...


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