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It was my pleasure to visit State College Presbyterian Church (State College, Pennsylvania) on the occasion of their celebration of 25 years of LOGOS ministry. What I saw, learned or experienced included:

  • Elementary students enthusiastically leading in worship and an enthusiastic congregation supporting such leadership. I loved the adult helper in the choir loft with the little sailor hat perched on his head to match the children in the musical.
  • A pastor and music director with LOGOS experience in previous churches who were drawn to this church at least partially because of LOGOS.
  • Lots of adults eager to share with me their role in the ministry.
  • Baptism of a baby whose mother was part of the very first year of LOGOS at the church.
  • A Director of Christian Education who couldn’t talk about the impact of the ministry without tearing up (which then made me tear up).
  • Very young children ready to begin their LOGOS experience. Especially the one in the pew behind me who suggested I was blocking her seeing what the older children were presenting. I gladly moved over.
  • Relationships. Relationships. Relationships.

Thank you, State College Presbyterian Church for inviting me for such an important milestone and allowing me the privilege of being in your midst. Lodging at “Our Fair Lady” Bed and Breakfast and Sunday brunch at the Nittany Lion Inn wasn’t so bad either!

In addition to an official proclamation to recognize the important day, I shared with the congregation that as important as it is to celebrate and remember 25 wonderful years, it doesn't stop there. Just as important is to think ahead to the next 25, to the children to come that aren't old enough yet or not yet born or who are in the community and not yet connected. I encouraged them to keep visioning and keep working and keep striving for excellent LOGOS ministry to engage people of all ages in an abundant life-giving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Something that we believe is more important than anything else. What do you think?

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