7 Reasons Why Churches Use GenOn’s Faith for Life Curriculum

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The goal of GenOn Ministres Faith for Life Bible study curriculum is to teach

  • the major persons, events, and themes of the Old and New Testaments
  • Bible study skills and tools
  • skills of interpretation and application to young peoples’ lives

This goal is achieved most effectively when a young person experiences the full set of Faith for Life, from kindergarten through 8th grade.

Why do churches use Faith for Life curriculum? Because…

  1. All sessions are rooted in one or more Biblical passages.
  1. Young people have opportunities to express faith through decision-making, relationships, service to others, worship, and personal devotional time.
  1. The writers represent various Christian denominations in a wide variety of settings, so the curriculum exhibits a keen awareness of varied faith formation settings.
  1. Courses are designed for grades K-8 and can be used for classes that are individually graded or a combination of grades.
  1. Each course includes 25 45-minute sessions, and is perfect for LOGOS mid-week ministry and other Bible study settings.
  2. Sessions in each course are undated and permanent, so sessions can be arranged to fit your church's calendar, and courses can be used more than once.
  3. Each young person participates as a significant, responsible partner in the process of their own learning.

Faith for Life seeks to provide a solid foundation of Bible study in order to supplement, support and strengthen congregational worship and other important opportunities of Christian nurture. Such Bible study is not an end in itself; it should lead to increased commitment and obedience for disciples of Jesus Christ. This commitment cannot be found in other Bible studies.

Read what churches say about using Faith for Life:

“The Faith for Life curriculum is teacher friendly with lessons divided into manageable segments.  Each lesson guides the teacher with objectives, step by step directions, and a variety of logically sequenced activities for the children - all built around a strong core of scripture.  A key strength is that teachers can select any or all the activities based on the needs of their children and the structure of their program.  As a teacher using this, I found that the Faith for Life curriculum engaged and empowered children by allowing them to explore God's word and how it relates to their lives.”
Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church
Columbia, Maryland 


“The Faith for Life curriculum activities are geared to their correct age but you can combine the classes and it is not too simplified for older students to use a younger level. You can also teach younger students the older curriculum. I had first and second graders - used first grade (Course 1: Friends and Family in Faith) curriculum with no problems. It was very adaptable to a small or large group of students.” 
First United Methodist Church
Warren, Pennsylvania

“There are choices for intro activities. The lessons are well planned and explained. I never have to worry about needing to fill in time. The topics are interesting and age appropriate.”
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Holstein, Iowa

Find our FREE Scope and Sequence and sample sessions, and full courses here.
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