A Place, a Purpose, and an Invitation to Belong

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Robin Humphreys

Robin Humphreys serves as the National Director of the Presbyterian Children and Family Ministry for the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. Robin and I first met at the 2019 InterGenerate Conference in Nashville, Tennessee when she was back in the States visiting family. She grew up in North Carolina and in 2017 she and her “kiwi” husband, Paul, moved to his hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand. Recently, Robin shared with me about her experiences with a LOGOS ministry during her college years.


Liz: Can you describe your introduction to a LOGOS ministry?
Robin: I was first introduced to LOGOS in the late 1990’s by the church I attended while at Appalachian State University. First Presbyterian Church of Boone, North Carolina had a vibrant ministry to all ages, and it was obvious to anyone who attended. The “hub” of the week was their Wednesday night LOGOS ministry. 

Liz: What was particularly impactful for you as a college student involved in a local church’s LOGOS ministry? How did you lead or volunteer in LOGOS?
Robin: When I reflect on my college years, I recall the clear welcome that was extended from First Presbyterian Church to all students involved at Westminster Canterbury Fellowship (a Presbyterian/Episcopalian campus ministry at ASU). We were invited to attend all church events, especially LOGOS on Wednesday nights. I think they knew offering a free dinner to us college students might just get us there! Well, it worked! Little did I know how much more I would gain from my participation!

Over the years of my involvement with LOGOS, I recall helping to prepare meals, lead games and assist with the preschool age break-out group. My experience was undergirded by the church’s strong commitment to being the body of Christ together. I had a place and a purpose and was invited to belong. The sense of belonging gained through LOGOS powerfully grounded me in Christian community during those fledgling years as a college student away from home. The welcome extended well beyond Wednesday night LOGOS, with friendships and support through those years. What a difference that made!  

Liz: Are there aspects of your experience with LOGOS that have stayed with you? Anything that has informed current ministry leadership?
Robin: I believe the intentionality of the leadership to create a welcoming and healthy space for a “whole family of faith way-of-being” has stuck with me and continues to inform my current ministry leadership. I realize more and more just how important it is to make space at the table for all. As I experienced at LOGOS, time at the table together shapes and forms us in ways that significantly impact our life-long discipleship. A large part of my ministry now revolves around intergenerational ministry and faith at home, both of which acknowledge the table as a place of holy connection and formation. I believe LOGOS provided a place to belong, explore my identity as part of the body of Christ and begin to consider the importance of intentionally weaving all generations into the DNA of the church.

Robin’s long-term impact from a church’s intentional investment in ministry for the whole body of Christ, together, is affirming. Her making “space at the table for all” description is our aim in our work with churches.  At GenOn, we love walking alongside congregations to explore, learn, start, and sustain a LOGOS ministry (among other ways to develop Christ-centered intergenerational community). Our approach is to discover ways for ministry to fit each church’s setting and context. We are here to help you. Email me at lizperraud@genonministries.org if you would like to talk. -- Liz 

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