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GenOn Ministries' well-loved K-8 Faith for Life Bible study curriculum is engaging, faith-deepening and grows relationships! 

Kindergarten Course: God Loves Me: Students explore the love and joy that God has for each of us. (for Grades K/1)

Course 1Friends and Family in Faith: Students learn of making friends through seeing Jesus as a friend and exploring biblical teachings about friendship. (for Grades K/1/2)

Course 2Jesus and His Followers: Jesus is introduced as the embodiment of what God is like as students learn about Jesus' life and his teachings and what it means for how we are to live with one another today. (for Grades 1/2/3)

Course 3Old Testament Servants of God: Men and women of faith in the Old Testament are studied as students learn that today, we too are called to serve God. (for Grades 2/3/4)

Course 4God's People Worship: Students explore and experience many aspects of worship through biblical stories and their own church's context. (for Grades 3/4/5)

Course 5: Surprising Stories: Students enter into 13 familiar stories from the Old and New Testament to ask and answer, “What does this Bible story mean?” (for Grades 4/5/6)

Course 6: Time for Jesus: An overview of the life of Jesus and the actions of the early church are explored so that students will encounter the logos, the Word of God. (for Grades 5/6/7)

Course 7: The Bible: Our Book of Faith: Students explore the Bible and its rich history using various activities and resources. (for Grades 6/7/8)

Course 8: Questions and Beliefs: Students reflect on their own questions and beliefs as they explore the foundations of Christianity. Recommended for confirmation classes. (for Grades 7/8/9)

"I first perused Faith for Life curriculum a few months ago. I was amazed at its depth and breadth. It is a remarkably strong and well-designed curriculum. I have taught a course on curriculum design for 10 years; thus, I know how difficult it is to create excellent curriculum. Faith for Life is the exception: it is spiritually rich, theologically robust, developmentally sensitive, delightfully creative, user friendly, and fun."
Dr. Holly Allen, Lipscomb University  


Click HERE to read more about Faith for Life curriculum and to order a free Scope & Sequence and sample lessons. 

Click HERE for a blog post about what to look for in choosing excellent curriculum. 

Click HERE to place your order. We'll keep it simple by invoicing your church! 

GenOn Ministries' Faith for Life Bible study is a permanent curriculum in a downloadable format. 

Rather than dated material that is purchased every quarter or every year, permanent curriculum is taught as each grade (or combination of grades) enters that level, so is only purchased once.

Each course is $148.00 and includes student class handouts and booklets to continue faith formation at home with parents or grandparents.

We offer discounts for purchasing collections (K-5 and K-8).

Because the curriculum is downloadable, you'll receive it immediately as a link to a PDF. 

Faith for Life is for those teaching Kindergarten through 8th grade in LOGOS and other midweek ministries, Sunday school, youth group or Christian schools. Courses are numbered for corresponding grades and can also be used when combining grades.

Churches that purchased the Teacher's Guide of the previous version of Faith for Life courses after 7/2014 will receive the revised version of the same course at a reduced cost. Please inquire. 

Call 877-937-2572 with any questions or click here to order today.

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