Maintaining Relationships in Times of Social Distancing

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Originally published in The Presbyterian Outlook (June 12, 2020).

"Recently our son and daughter-in-law were searching for painter's tape for a sidewalk chalk project with their 3-year-old. They are schoolteachers who are home because of COVID-19 and are providing healthy structure and fun to their days. Our son drove to our home to borrow the tape and encourage Nana and Grandpa to greet our beloved granddaughter from a distance. We've all missed our Fridays at Nana's since COVID-19 landed us in social distancing. I made a sign that said 'We love Carly' and held it up to the storm door when they arrived. Our son motioned for us to come outside as they stood back. Mistakenly, I asked Carly to 'send a hug' and motioned doing the same back to her. As I should have expected, she dashed from her dad to me and gave me a big hug around my legs — with all of the adults shouting 'NO!' She recoiled, returned to her dad, buried her face in his shoulder and cried. How do you explain this horrid virus and herculean task to stop the spread of it to a 3-year-old? You can’t. After a while, she was coaxed from her dad’s shoulder with some storytelling and a game of no-touching freeze tag. ..."

Read the article and see a list of tools for faith formation with children and youth here.

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