Ripple Effect vs Butterfly Effect

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Ripple Effect vs Butterfly Effect

I cancel my haircut appointment for good reason. My stylist and hair washer don’t get paid as much that day. Others do the same. Lots of others. The salon has overhead like salaries, a website, and phones. People get furloughed or laid off. 

We postpone our church’s meal packing event with Rise Against Hunger for good reason. Others do the same. Lots of others. The nonprofit organization has bills to pay. People go hungry.  

I stop my morning walks with two good friends. Relationships become distant. Health deteriorates.

Manageable in the short term. Awful in the long term. Practice social distancing, friends, to help get us through in the short term.

Jennifer offers a Haiku-of-the-day challenge on Facebook. People laugh, create, and engage.

Karen shares 35 tech-free, faith forming, fun activities for families to do at home. People relax. Relationships grow. Faith deepens.

Churches offer online worship and find creative ways to gather in cyberspace. People are reassured. Community is maintained.

Life-giving in the short term that spills over into the long term. Seek ways to connect, friends, to help get us through in the long term.

The tough decisions are necessary for now, but I can counterbalance with good things too. We all can.


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