Teaching Your Child to Be a Child of God

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Shirley Carlson
La Crescenta Presbyterian Church
As you have heard before, our children learn best by watching us. Therefore, we must all take on the characteristics of God and be a good child of God example.  A parent’s  greatest responsibility is to teach their child(ren) to be a child of God and what that means in today’s world.  It means taking on the character of God, for we are made in His image.  We need to treat others with respect and see them as children of God. When we are kingdom people, we follow God’s greatest commandments to love God and love others. 

This article will help your child answer those age-old questions, “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” with age- appropriate examples. If you like this article, and after checking the reviews on Amazon, I would recommend getting the book Teaching Kids About God By John Trent.

The child of God concept and the importance of building a relationship with Jesus are very much emphasized in GenOn’s LOGOS program.  This site shares how parents can help build that life-giving relationship with God.  

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