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Lacy Finn Borgo


Lacy Finn Borgo
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In each edition of IG Mix, we ask a guest writer two questions about serving in ministry.

What keeps you up at night?
Well, if I’m honest, menopause keeps me up at night. But after I’m up, I find my soul sorrowful for the suffering of children. As I listen alongside of children, I hear their cries of fear and anxiety in our world. To be sure, I also hear their bone-deep knowing around what is profoundly good, achingly beautiful, and thoroughly connecting. However, it’s the former that rattles around in my soul at night. I wonder how listening to the cries (and knowing) of children might shape our world? What if what concerns children, concerned adults? How could this listening make a lasting change to violence in schools, tech regulation, earth care and so much more? I have only an inkling, but I am listening.

What gets you up in the morning?
Sigh… well, if I’m honest, again menopause. But after I’m up, I settle into my spot to watch the sun come up. On the days when my knees are wobblier than I’d like, the rising of the sun over the Cimmaron Mountains signals hope and the steady foundation of God’s tender goodness. It is only from rooted feet and open arms that I can listen alongside adults and children. My great honor is to listen to the experiences of these precious beloveds. To hear their joy, pain, struggle, boredom, bitterness, it’s all sacred. And then to offer a possibility and place for them to share this with God is well… the greatest holy luck there is.


Lacy Finn Borgo teaches and provides spiritual direction with adults and children through Renovaré, Mercy Center Burlingame, and the Companioning Center. Borgo is the author of Spiritual Conversations with Children, Faith Like a Childand the children’s book All Will Be Well. Visit her website and read her blog at

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