What does a child of God look like?

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Liz Perraud
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A toddler enjoying creation before she’s heard of God?

A man in his nineties praying, “Now I lay me down to sleep” each night?

A teen leaving for college with fear and expectation? Or that teen’s parent?

A child not knowing if the family will eat dinner tonight?

That person disagreeing with your politics?


We are all children of God and deserve to be treated that way. It’s the one rule of LOGOS and foundational to the theology—and theology in action—that we teach at GenOn Ministries. When we are intentional about seeing each person as God sees each person (as God’s child), we have a chance of living out the one rule. And a chance of creating contagious Kingdom of God communities—in our homes, classrooms, churches, neighborhoods, sports teams, social media, everywhere.

Ned Wetherald, Music Director of State College Presbyterian Church (PA), wrote the song, “Not Any Child.”

As you go on your way, go as a child.

Not any child, but a child of God.

As a child of God, you will travel in God’s love,

You will take part of us with you and leave part of you with us.

As you go on your way, go as a child.

Not any child, but a child of God.

May we each go on our way as a child of God. And treat others that way, too.


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  • Where can we find the tune to the above song? Is there written music available?

    Lisa Rich, Director of Youth Ministry at Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church on

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