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I saw lots of hands in worship yesterday. Hands shaking in passing the Peace of Christ. Hands holding hymnals and bulletins to sing and speak and pray. Hands holding a cookie jar for a children’s message about forgiveness. Hands scooping and dribbling water for baptism. Hands holding a baby. Hands passing and receiving communion. A hand reaching from the pew behind me to take my little communion cup.

Hands dropping pledge cards into baskets. Hands playing the piano and conducting the choir. Hands turning the page in proclaiming the Word. Hands holding a microphone to share thankfulness around the circle for our church community.

My favorite hand of all though came from a 4 (and a half!) year old sitting on the floor among the other children during the baptism. Who, after catching my eye, gave me a sweet little wave. And I waved back. He knows me!

My heart breaks for the people of First Baptist Church and surrounding community of Sutherland Springs, Texas. Church should be a safe place. For everyone. 

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  • Carrie…lucky you! He was adorable! And thank you for your service in the nursery.

    Liz Perraud on
  • Love this! And my hands got the pleasure of holding that newly baptized baby while he was sleeping in the Nursery!!

    Carrie on
  • Thanks John! I think you know that 4 (and a half!) waver! :)

    Liz Perraud on
  • nicely said Liz

    John K on
  • Paula, what a GREAT idea! It was a googled image. :)

    Liz Perraud on

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