I wonder how sharing builds relationships

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I've taught preschoolers, elementary students, middle schoolers, high school youth and adults. There's not an age that I like to teach best. But it always feels like a better experience when I've talked less and they've talked more (whoever "they" are). Perhaps it's facilitating then, that I like more than lecturing.

I've learned the importance of asking "wondering" questions rather than those that seem to have a right or wrong answer. Most students respond better to wondering questions.

"I wonder why the disciples pretended not to know Jesus."

"I wonder what God was thinking in sending Jesus as a newborn baby."

"I wonder how we know the Holy Spirit is present."

"I wonder what it feels like to be a good friend."

They're not even questions, they're conversation and so turn the teacher-student relationship into more of a shared experience. Sharing is good. Sharing is relational. Relationships build Christian disciples.

I will be teaching the 6th/7th grade Bible Time class at LOGOS again and needed to remind myself how to make the experience more relational this year. Here's to new beginnings!

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