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One of my first experiences in church was singing in the choir. I was about nine years old, not much of a singer but I liked to sing and I loved church. It wasn’t a children’s choir but just the choir, in the small church where I attended Sunday school. I wasn’t brave enough to invite myself so someone must have asked me to participate. I remember that I felt important and I felt equal to the adults—with my robe and my music notebook, just like their robes and music notebooks.

My sons were raised in a LOGOS ministry in a church where they formed strong relationships--not just with peers but with adults as well. Each Wednesday evening for over ten years, they had Bible study teachers, recreation leaders, worship arts directors, and two “table parents” helping them learn and practice the Christian faith. Each summer in high school they spent a week at the GenOn Youth Summit in deep and impactful Christian community.

Growing up, they were surrounded by lots of adults who, in addition to their parents, loved them as children of God and taught them to love all others as children of God too.

Generation after generation passing on the faith. Generation with generation learning and practicing the faith. It’s what I’ve devoted my life’s work to and I get just as charged up about why it works as I do about how it works.

That’s why a conference like InterGenerate is thrilling to me! It is not just academics presenting researched theory and it is not just practitioners presenting proven models. It’s both. I’ve been waiting for this conference since Holly Allen brought the idea to GenOn when it was just a dream, seeking our interest and participation. We are honored to be a sponsor and so deeply involved in the planning with Program Director Suzie Lane and board member Shirley Carlson on the task force. Holly also serves on the GenOn Board of Directors and leads InterGenerate and the planning of the conference.

I look forward to seeing you there! Registration is limited to 200.

Liz Perraud is executive director of GenOn Ministries, a sponsor of the InterGenerate Conference.

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