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This year we resurrected an old practice at LOGOS at my church--mailing "we missed you" postcards from table families to anyone absent from Family Time dinner that night. They are simple, pre-made cover stock cards that say "We sure missed you at our table at LOGOS tonight and hope to see you again soon!" with the LOGOS logo and room for everyone to sign their first name. A Family Time volunteer walks around the room with cards and asks table families how many they need. There's often at least one person out--sick, too much homework, missing a block of LOGOS for sports, travel. We rejoice when the answer is "no cards needed!" 

The name of the absent person is written on the flip side and after dinner I collect the cards, address and stamp them. They're usually kind of messy looking with names every which direction and sometimes showing splattered food or water stains, which makes them more precious and "real." 

The postcards are then dropped in the mail and off they go to the child or adult who was missed. My favorite part is asking the returning child the following week if they got their postcard. I've received questions ("Why did you do that?"), excited acknowledgements, and a Table Parent once even got a thank you note! There is always a reaction. 

We all hope that our presence means something and that we're missed when we're away. And we also want to teach young people that part of treating others as a child of God is acknowledging that. 

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