Two Questions: Cory Seibel

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Cory Seibel
Pastor of Lifelong Faith Formation, Central Baptist Church
Affiliate Professor of Spiritual Formation, Taylor Seminary

In each edition of GenOn Connect, we will ask one member of the GenOn Ministries Advisory Council the same two questions about intergenerational ministry: “What keeps you up at night?” and “What gets you up in the morning?”

What keeps you up at night?

I wear a number of hats. Each gives me lots to think about. As a pastor, I am devoted to fostering connections between the generations within my church and to helping people of all ages grow in faith. This work gives me lots to celebrate. But it isn’t without its challenges. While these challenges sometimes occupy my thoughts at night, this provides opportunities to reflect on what I’m experiencing, to pray, and to imagine creative possibilities for nurturing intergenerational community.

I’m sometimes kept awake by thoughts of what I’m experiencing intergenerationally at a more personal level. As a parent, I’m aware that my influence in my daughter’s life is significant. I take this important intergenerational ministry very seriously. In addition, I sometimes find myself contemplating how my relationships with people of other generations are challenging me to become a more generationally intelligent person in how I think, feel, and act.

What gets you up in the morning?

My church is an amazing laboratory for intergenerational ministry. I am excited to have this privilege of partnering with other members of our staff team -- together with people of all ages -- to foster intergenerational community within our congregation. I am energized by how I get to learn and grow along the way!

These days, I also am engaged in resourcing the broader Christian community as a researcher, writer, and presenter. My desire to help churches flourish as intergenerational communities of faith is the passion that guides this work. I find a lot of joy in facilitating seminars designed to encourage and equip local congregations. The opportunity to interact with attendees’ questions and experiences fuels my passion and enriches my understanding. This spurs me on in my research and writing. I want to continue investigating questions that matter and pursuing insights that have the potential to be truly helpful to local churches.

A native of North Dakota, Cory Seibel currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where he serves as Pastor of Lifelong Faith Formation at Central Baptist Church and Affiliate Professor of Spiritual Formation at Taylor Seminary. Cory has 22 years of vocational ministry experience and has completed degrees through Spurgeon’s College in London (MTh) and the University of Pretoria in South Africa (PhD).

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